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Asian Food

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Discover Our Story

Creation of eating, of experiencing, of living is inherent in all elements here at Nano Asian Dining.

Modern and thoughtful interior is providing both visual and sensual satisfaction the moment one enters. Three divided sections arranged with different background stories bring the Culture elements into breathtaking and modernized décor. Each seats located in different sections offers a unique perspective from its angles.

As stunning as the environment, the menu is carefully selected by experts who devote their decades into culinary arts. The ingredients are picked daily to ensure the freshness, the course are prepared with exquisite skills to pleasant your tongue. You may find your favorite drink according to your mood and taste made by our mixology artist.

Nano Asian Dining is a particular Spot carries braveness and innovation that in here we determined to present you the character of Asian food, and the passion and dedication of Culinary Art which bring the space to shine.


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189 Main St # A, Annapolis, MD 21401 /  Tel. (410) 267-6688

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